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Postpartum nutrition is absolutely fundamental for the health of mom and baby. While many women put special care into their diet during pregnancy, they are often not prepared for the equally crucial period in the months following birth. After giving birth, a woman's body has unique requirements. She needs a diet fitting for this challenging postpartum period, for replenishment of her nutrient stores, and for her complete recovery. This is especially important for breastfeeding mothers, but it's also crucial for mothers who don't breastfeed*. Missing nutrients and irritating foods can seriously influence your well-being and how much you can cope with the stresses of being a new mom.

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A nourishing diet with complete nutrients plays a significant role in baby's optimal development and constitution for the rest of her life. When you are breastfeeding, what you eat or don't eat might affect your baby more than you think. The weaning period is just as important, when baby gets introduced to her first solid foods. You don't want to offer your baby foods (via breastmilk or during weaning) that are difficult to handle for her still delicate system. Many babies suffer from so-called 'colic', which usually leads to sleepless nights and stressful days for the entire family. Women falling into Postpartum Depression is all too common. Much of this can be avoided by cutting out irritating foods and emphasizing nourishing foods suitable for you and your baby.

*This course includes a lot of information directed to breastfeeding mothers and their babies; however, it also contains valuable information for mothers who feed their babies formula. Postpartum nutrition is just as important for the wellbeing and recovery of mothers who don't nurse. Furthermore this course includes important information on baby formulas, weaning baby, first solid foods, and much more...


make sure they get the specific nutrients and adequate foods that are required during the postpartum period

improve their nutrition and sleep (2 main contributors to 'postpartum depression')

support complete recovery and replenishment from pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding

care about giving their babies optimal nutrition via breastmilk (or who would like to learn about what a good formula should contain)

know which are the best first solid foods to introduce to baby and when

reduce their baby's digestive discomfort as much as possible

ease their postpartum journey by taking important steps to prepare

learn about a wholesome way of eating that will naturally support the postpartum body to establish a healthy weight

avoid common nutrition mistakes you find in many 'experts' recommendations, books and websites

know which supplements might be supportive or necessary for themselves and their baby

What's Included

30 Video Lessons

Postpartum Nutrition Guide

Cheat Sheet: 15 Foods to Avoid during Breastfeeding

10 Tips for a Smooth Postpartum

Shopping List Postpartum Foods

20+ Nourishing Recipes for Postpartum

Snack Ideas for Moms

How to recognize Food Sensitivity Symptoms

Weaning Guide: Introducing First Solid Foods

Handout on Lactogenic Foods

Supplement Recommendations for Mom & Baby

How to Avoid Constipation & Improve Digestion

Info on Complete Protein for Vegetarians/ Vegans

Baby Formula Guide

Join Community: Private Facebook Group

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Don't do this alone, Mama

There is a lot of controversial nutrition advice for the postpartum period out there, which can be very confusing and overwhealming, especially for new moms.

Understand what is nourishing and what is depriving for you and your baby.

Learn how to trust in your body's wisdom and in your baby's wisdom by understanding your body's and your baby's communication.

We are not meant to do this alone. Take advantage of this course made for YOU and avoid a lot of doubt and pain that almost every new mother goes through.

Hi, I'm Christiane

I found myself in the midst of postpartum depression, only three weeks after the birth of my first daughter. I was sleep deprived and exhausted to the max from baby crying heart-wrenchingly for hours every night; and even when she finally slept, my nervous system was so hypervigilant that I couldn't fall asleep anymore.

At first, I couldn't figure out why my baby was in such distress. My sense was that it had to do with her digestion, although I ate wholesome foods and was very careful with what I was putting into my body while I was breastfeeding.

Over time, I found out that she was being irritated by certain foods I consumed (foods that otherwise would be considered healthy). These made her squirm in pain and cry in discomfort, which in turn led to many sleepless and stressful nights and days. Although I had eaten so carefully before, it made all the difference when I left out specific foods that were difficult to tolerate for baby's brand new digestive system. While it was quite the process to find out at the time, it was the start to real recovery and a more peaceful and joyful time with baby.

I realized that I had prepared myself very well for pregnancy and birth, but that I wasn't prepared at all for what to expect in postpartum. While there's a lot of emphasis on nutrition during pregnancy, I couldn't find much information on the specifics of a postpartum diet and adequate foods during breastfeeding. That's why I collected the gems that I wish someone would have told me before the birth of my first baby and created this online course.

With my second baby, I went into postpartum with a much better skill set, and it was a very different experience with more ease, flow, relaxation and confidence. I believe every new mother deserves being empowered by knowing this crucial information for a much more peaceful postpartum journey with her precious baby.

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I help overwhelmed women navigate the maze of nutritional information, so that they move beyond the mess to find clarity, deep nourishment and enjoyment. As a Board Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Certified Life Coach, and mama of two, it's my passion to support you on your journey. Because when you thrive, your family does too.

Christiane is trained in a psychotherapeutic approach called Compassionate Inquiry developed by best selling author and speaker Dr. Gabor Maté. Christiane guides clients through a process of deep inner listening where they are able to uncover self-sabotaging patterns. Christiane's approach is gentle; she helps clients find kindness and non-judgment within themselves. Christiane coaches locally in Alberta, Canada, and internationally online. She offers workshops, online classes, and has been featured in the morning show at CTV and Global News Edmonton.

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Christiane Panesar, CHNC, MA

Founder of Heart-Food Holistic Nutrition

My Recommendation to You

from Mother to Mother

Set yourself up for a great start together with your baby for this one-of-a-kind time in your life. Don't make the mistake that countless new mothers make, preparing themselves only till the day the baby is born, counting on figuring it out in the midst of the postpartum period, and, thinking that they need to do it all alone.

So many women look back to their postpartum journey and see they could've avoided a lot of stress and pain for themselves and their family. Many feel that if only they'd had the the right information and preparation beforehand they could've enjoyed the many dear moments of bonding instead of coping and struggling.

It takes real courage to admit you need help, and, it is so easy to feel alone, especially with how fragmented and independent we have become socially. But I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and, I believe that every new mother needs and deserves support.

I invite you join our community of strong, thriving mothers learning to nourish themselves and their families from the inside out.

What about vegetarian moms? Will this course cover a vegetarian diet during postpartum?

YES. While I personally don't promote a vegetarian diet for postpartum, I support you in whatever you deem best for your body or your baby. You are your body's (and your baby's) best expert. If you choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet during postpartum, I can help you to make sure you cover complete nutrients. In this course, I will educate about the value of nourishing animal products, because I believe that this is the best nutrition for the postpartum period. If this bothers you, this course is probably not for you. However, if you would like to learn how to nourish yourself and your baby best on a vegetarian postpartum diet, you will find valuable information on this topic in this course.

What about moms who don't breastfeed? Can they benefit from this course?

YES. Some women don't breastfeed because they either choose not to or they simply can't. In this case it's important to select a good formula for their baby (in this course I'll talk about what a good formula should contain) or they can try and get milk from a milk bank (in this course I'll talk about the benefits of that). If you breastfeed or not, in the postpartum period you need a diet that suits your body's special needs. This way you can be in your best state for this unique time in your life and you have the optimal support for your recovery from birth. While in this course, I talk a lot about how foods the mother eats can affect the breastfed baby, there is plenty of information on a diet to support the new mother's health and recovery. Furthermore, I'll be covering important information about introducing first solid foods for baby around 6 months of age.

Will I receive medical advice?

No. The statements made in this online course have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. The information contained in this online course is for educational purposes only, and should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent illness. The author does not dispense medical advice, prescribe remedies, or assume responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves. The information and opinion contained in this online course do not replace or substitute for the advice of a practicing medical doctor.

My 100% Money Back Guarantee to You

I'm so sure that in my Nourished Postpartum course you will find valuable nutritional information you and your baby during the postpartum period, that I give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee for the first 7 days after you purchased the course. If you should feel that this course isn't for you for whatever reason, simply write me an email by the end of the first week and you will receive your full money back.

Nourished Postpartum for Mom & Baby

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